Do you know where Palau is? What is the attraction of Palau tourism yet?

Palau or Palau tourism is still quite a distant name for many tourists, but this is a tropical island paradise with many landscapes and extremely attractive tourist activities.

Let’s “change the wind” in the journey to discover this beautiful island nation in the southwestern Philippines.

Where is the island nation of Palau?

The island nation of Palau, also known under its full name, is the Republic of Palau in the Western Pacific. The reason is called an island nation because it owns nearly 250 islands forming the western Caroline archipelago with an area of ​​about 466 km2, in the Micronesia region.

Palau Sea borders with Indonesia, the Philippines, and the Federated States of Micronesia.

Traveling to Palau , you will be greeted with stunning natural scenery with limestone islands, volcanoes, primeval forests, and giant coral reef systems … All are gifts that mother nature has bestowed on a beautiful island nation.

How to move to Palau

Currently, the only way to travel to Palau is by plane. Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, or Roman Tmetuchl International Airport, is Palau’s main airport located outside the town of Airai.

What makes Palau tourism so attractive?

Tourism is considered the largest industry of Palau Island. According to the country’s government website, the increase in the number of visitors coming here each year has contributed significantly to making the country one of the richest countries in the Pacific. At Palau, you can relax with clear blue water, pure white sand, or you can participate in attractive tourist activities.

Scuba diving: This is the most exciting and attractive sport in Palau. Because Palau has hundreds of islands, clear blue water and beautiful coral reefs, it is very suitable for this activity. And the ideal suggestion for you to snorkel to watch coral, swim with fish or explore the ocean is the Rock Islands, Chelbacheb.

Swimming with jellyfish: This activity will probably make many people afraid because jellyfish are potentially dangerous creatures. But coming to Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk Island, you are completely safe with swimming activities with jellyfish. Because the jellyfish here are unique yellow jellyfish species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Especially they are non-toxic and non-aggressive.

Explore the Rock Islands, a UNESCO world heritage site. Traveling to Palau, you definitely cannot ignore this archipelago. The special feature of this archipelago is home to small mushroom-shaped islands in a large lagoon. Here you will freely explore the beauty of the surrounding coral reefs, and admire the beauty of many species of marine life such as sharks, green turtles, rays …

Milky Way natural mud bath experience: This place is also called “natural spa salon” by funny tourists, which is worth a try when traveling to Palau . At Milky Way, there is a milky white mud layer that is rich in minerals, capable of rejuvenating the skin, covering up mud like you do with skin care products. Therefore, many visitors to Palau or Koror enjoy this natural spa.
Besides, there is one more place not to be missed, the majestic Ngardmau waterfall. You can reach this waterfall from Koror only about 30 minutes by car or Malakal, the most beautiful 1.4 km long coast road in Palau.

In addition, once coming to the sea, it is impossible to forget to experience activities such as kayaking, fishing, walking, visiting archaeological and historical sites … right.

Paula culinary culture

Coming to another country to travel, in addition to enjoying the fascinating natural scenery, you should learn and enjoy the culinary culture in your country. In addition to the enviable natural landscape, Palau cuisine is also one of the things that make visitors regret not wanting to leave this place.

The culinary culture in Palau is influenced by the US, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and other neighboring islands. during my trip.

Besides, since this is an island country, of course, fresh seafood dishes are an indispensable highlight in Palau cuisine. Some Palau dishes that you must try are: tinola (chicken soup with papaya), pichi-pichi (traditional dessert), ulkoy (crispy shrimp) or halo-halo (milk with taro, coconut, jackfruit and banana).

Transportation in Palau

There are no trains in Palau, but you can choose the following means to travel in Palau such as: buses, taxis or rental cars, terrain vehicles, … There are also many car rental addresses on the island, depending on The hotel is also available but first you should find out and agree carefully.

Through the above basic information did you know Palau tourism yet? Hope these will help you in the future with your family or friends.

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