What is Sales? Job and skills of the Sales profession

In the business field, the Sales department or the sales staff is often an indispensable and important part of any business. They are considered the face of the business. So what is Sales? But what jobs do Sales people need and what do they do? Let’s find out through the article below.

1. What is Sales?

Sales is the sales position for the business. Sales staff are responsible for meeting, directly contacting customers, advising customers to choose suitable products and services. Sales staff are responsible for answering questions about products and services, thereby convincing customers to buy and use the company’s products or services, helping to increase sales for the company.

In the business, Sales is a very important part to help promote revenue for the company. They are the people who represent a company to communicate directly with customers, answer questions and convince them to trust and use the company’s products and services.

2. The work of Sales staff

Depending on the specifics of the field and the size of the company, Sales staff will have different tasks. However, Sales staff will generally have typical daily jobs such as:

  • Find out and master information about products and services provided by the company such as: product codes, origin, color, style, usage …
  • For Sales staff assigned to positions in the stores, they must always pay close attention to observe, give advice and answer questions so that customers can choose the most suitable product. Track sales speed and report
  • Searching for potential customers: Meet, contact directly or call to introduce customers about products and services, capture the need to advise customers to try products, help customers to approach get products to buy.
  • Quoting prices and negotiating prices, negotiating sale and purchase contracts, negotiating payment and delivery terms.
  • Inventory of goods: Checking goods in stock, replenishing missing items, submitting daily basn invoices, inventorying business tools.
  • Submit business reports to leaders.

3. Necessary skills of a Sales employee

Selling is the job you persuade customers to buy and use the company’s products, so this job is very artistic, requires dynamic behavior, creative thinking, intelligence and heart. patience. Here are the basic skills that a Sales person should have:

  • Understand customers: The most important thing in sales skills (basic sales skills) is understanding buyers, specifically understanding their needs. That is the foundation of effective sales.
  • Know how to sell in the way the buyer feedback: When they really understand the buyers, Sales staff need to understand the psychology of the customers, learn what they need and when they need it. For example, if the buyer is still hesitant and pondering, give them a free trial. If they don’t have a lot of time to experiment, let them experience the easy-to-use features that in just 5 minutes can showcase the product’s value.
  • Use psychology to engage customers: Sales people should learn to use psychology to engage buyers more effectively. There are many techniques you can learn from psychology to create a deeper engagement with your buyers. A really effective tip is to show it off from the get go and make sure the client knows that you won’t be taking up too much of their time.
  • Establish trust with buyers: Buyers only really want to work with people they trust. Think of building trust with customers as a core selling skill. If you fail with the client in the first contract, persevere with the client over the long haul to build trust with them.
  • Brief communication: Since today’s buyers are also extremely busy, an important selling skill is making sure that you communicate briefly, clearly, without being wordy and off-topic. Buyers will be more impressed with you if you present clear information. An important rule of thumb is that you should never try to convey more than three important points in a conversation with a buyer.
  • Act on what the customer says: A good salesperson is a good listener. Sales staff should behave based on what they receive from customers. You need to absorb and respond to customers, not just talk about your company’s products or services.
  • Product expertise: Sales people really need to be experts in two areas. First, they need to understand the buyer, understand the frustration that the buyer is facing and what they want to have when it comes to your product or service. Second, a Sales employee needs to have a very clear understanding of his products and services, which is how you can build trust in customers.
  • Always show help: Buyers want help. This is not really a skill, it is more about thinking than a skill. A lot of salespeople have difficulty with this, but try to remember it every time you interact with a buyer.
  • Storytelling skills are really fascinating: In fact, the buyer doesn’t want to hear too much about your product or service. Good Salespeople should know this and turn their products and services into compelling stories that evoke the needs of customers. For example, when you want to sell sales management software, the customer does not really want to buy that management software, what they care about is the story of increasing sales. So show them that the software is a useful tool to increase sales.
  • Interaction via social networks with customers: Social networks are growing strongly in the sales sector. Lots of good salespeople now professionally build their profile pages on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and engage a lot with their potential audience.
  • Efficient sales by phone: At present, face-to-face meetings can be inconvenient for customers because of their busy schedules. Therefore, you should change your routine from meeting to calling or meeting remotely. Therefore, salespeople need to be skilled in managing sales calls using their phones. This requires different skills such as the ability to read and understand tone to determine whether a potential customer is satisfied or not.
  • Personalize messages for customers: Consumers today have a general tendency to not want to receive generic messages or sales advertising. They want something specific to them. Create audience-specific messages and content, depending on their age and gender. You can also refer to recent customer events and activities to personalize your interactions with them.
  • These are great Copy Writers: To be a best sales salesperson must be able to write. That is one of the most important selling skills today because the amount of sales using email to communicate with buyers is enormous. There are a few rules to keep in mind when communicating with written clients. First, the less you write, the shorter and more concise the better. Try to keep in touch in writing short and clear. Second, avoid reusing generic text forms. You should take the time to personalize as much customer information as possible. Third, use bullets to format your text. List formats will make the list easier for customers to read and absorb. Finally, don’t forget to leave a call to action at the end of the text to ask the buyer to take the next steps.
  • Marketing skills in sales: Sales staff also need to learn a lot from Marketing and the fact that Sales employees with Marketing skills will get better results than other employees. Today, Sales managers are applying a lot of marketing knowledge and conducting in many sales activities.
  • Help potential customers reach the next steps: If your buyer needs CEO approval before they can make a buying decision, you should help buyers take this step by providing them with their information, content, and tools. need to convince the CEO that your product or service is a perfect fit.
  • Use technology to increase productivity: Many sales organizations are using technology to become more efficient and shorten the average sales cycle time. According to a recent CSO Insights report, salespeople only spend 37% of their time actually selling.

4. Top Sales professions with the highest salaries

4.1. Real estate salesman

Although the hard salary of the real estate salesman is not high, about 4,500,000-6,000,000 VND / month, the commission they receive may be many times higher than the hard salary due to the contract value. The real estate is very high, they are usually awarded 10-20% of the contract value.

4.2. Life insurance salesman:

Similar to real estate employees, life insurance salespeople have a hard salary of 3,500,000-5,000,000 VND / month, commissions from 10-40% of the contract value. Usually, insurance contracts are also very high value, so the income of the insurance salesman is also very attractive.

4.3. Car sales staff:

Car sales staff have a hard salary of about 4,000,000-5,000,000 VND / month. Similar to real estate, although the salary is not high, the product you sell has a relatively high value so the commission income is also very attractive.

4.4. Cosmetic sales staff:

Not only the sales profession that sells high-value goods can bring attractive income, but cosmetics salespeople can also have a high income, because customers are often easily persuaded when they try the product. Products. Therefore, they often make buying decisions quite quickly and thanks to that, the sales staff of cosmetics also have high commissions and bonuses.

4.5. Bank credit sales staff

The industry is unique and salespeople in this segment will require a bit of skills in credit consulting and analysis. Their job is to introduce loans, incentives to customers, from which they learn to receive commissions based on sales.

At this point, you must have grasped the knowledge of the Sales profession and how a Sales employee works. Hopefully, the article has provided useful knowledge that you are looking for.

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