What is international business? What school and what school?

1. What is international business?

International business is an area of ​​the group of business industries, including all transaction activities, business made between countries. Currently, the field of international business is growing very fast and has a global boom. Therefore, the demand for high-quality human resources in this industry is also increasing.

2. What does international business learn?

Students studying international business are equipped with both theoretical knowledge and international business skills and experiences, giving them the confidence to easily succeed in the global business environment. . This field can help you understand:

  • The impact of global factors on business activities of enterprises such as politics, economy, demographics, technology, culture, etc.
  • Influence of financial systems, foreign exchange markets and exchange rate systems in the world; acquire knowledge of the steps in operation management from planning, designing, to performing operations in the global supply chain, production processes and project management.
  • Ability to develop a global business strategy to ensure business success in a multicultural environment.
  • Basic knowledge of business administration such as: General and in-depth international trade issues, policies related to anti-dumping issues, disputes in international trade as well as issues about economic integration, international investment in Vietnam.

3. Training Schools in International Business

For the final high school students who want to choose a suitable school for the study of International Business is a very important thing. However, many students do not know of any schools that offer good training in this field. Therefore, this article will summarize the universities that train this field for you to choose the right one:

The Northern region:

  • Foreign Trade University
  • National University of Economics
  • Banking Academy
  • University FPT
  • University Commerce
  • Faculty of International Affairs – Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • Hanoi University of Business and Technology
  • Faculty of International Affairs – Thai Nguyen University

Central region:

  • Phan Thiet University
  • University of Economics – University of Danang

Southern region:

  • University of Economics and Law (National University) HCMC)
  • Idustrial University Ho Chi Minh City
  • Ho Chi Minh city University of Economy
  • Ho Chi Minh Open university
  • Foreign Trade University (Ho Chi Minh City Campus)
  • Ton Duc Thang university
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology
  • Hoa Sen University
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics and Finance
  • Financial university – Marketing
  • Can Tho university

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