What business at home is effective, easy to do, and stable

The ancients have a saying “No trade is not rich”, the intention to emphasize the importance of trading in creating a solid financial foundation for yourself and your family. There are many ways to get rich, but one of the most popular is to trade. However, to start a job business It’s not easy, besides you have to have some market knowledge, sales management skills, you also need a rich source of capital to rent premises, invest in production, import goods, hire employees. public, investment in marketing costs, …

So those who have little capital but still want to do business, want to limit risks and have more income, what should we do. To save a large amount of expenses as above and ensure the safety of capital return and profitability, a home-based small business will be a very good direction for you when the era of digital technology explodes today. So what business should you start at home, let today’s article explore business ideas that make sense with your capital and capabilities.

1. Doing business at home with groceries

Opening a grocery store is perhaps the simplest business idea almost anyone can do. If your house is in the alley, you can still open a store, but if it is off the street, it will be more convenient to do business. This is a fairly effective and profitable way of doing business that only requires you to work hard and hard because the groceries serve the essential living needs of people.

Initially you can open less items, then have more patrons, you can expand items for more variety. In fact, this business model is very simple because you can both play and sell, and can take advantage of a lot of housework. However, you should observe the area where you live, if there are already many groceries then you should have a different personality more effective.

2. Doing business at home with restaurant

This is really a high-profit business idea for people gifted with cooking and passionate about business. You need to make sure the dishes are delicious and hygienic to attract customers, even far away, near or on business trips to your restaurant.

This small business model is not difficult, but it requires you to have some skills and get up early. In the morning you can sell breakfast foods such as fish vermicelli, beef noodle soup, banh mi, rolls, … In the afternoon and evening you can sell soft drinks such as tea, soy milk, coffee, beer, … The ideal place for you to open a food store is at the alley in a crowded residential area.

3. Trading in rice, eggs or hometown specialties

Trading in rice was actually very popular in many places. In the grocery stores, they also often sell rice, eggs and some home-made specialties, however, the level of product specialization is not yet available, rice and eggs purchased from traders have not been picked up. .

To differentiate and compete with those grocery stores, you need to find a source of quality rice, make sure it is always picked up clean and meet all food safety criteria. You can also set up rice suppliers, sell them on social networking sites, and e-commerce platforms and ship them to buyers when they need them. You can get a pretty good deal out of this work.

4. Small business with dry seafood shops

Dried seafood is a favorite dish for many people, especially pubs. You can become a clue to supply dried seafood to the surrounding pubs, they can pick up goods from you regularly in large quantities. Opening a store selling dried seafood, you don’t need to spend a lot of capital on renovating your store or opening a warehouse. Depending on the amount of goods consumed, you can enter the quantity just enough to keep in the refrigerator. You can sell online and ship goods to customers to earn extra income.

5. Doing business at home by selling clothes online

Trading in clothing has been very popular on social networks. However, you still have plenty of opportunity in this market if your product is unique and of good quality. You should incorporate all forms of advertising on social networks, working hard to get feedback from customers to improve sales quality. This home-based business idea is also varied, you can sell adult clothes, baby clothes or underwear for men and women. Your product will be very good if you meet the criteria of being beautiful – unique – cheap.

This job does not require too much you invest too much time and effort, you can both sell and take advantage of many other housework.

6. Doing business at home with online shoe stores

Online footwear business is also an effective business that you should consult. You can open a small booth at home and sell some unique and typical footwear models. You should sell shoes that are suitable for the weather of each season, winter selling shoes, summer selling shoes, selling lazy shoes or accessories such as shoeshine, shoes, padded soles …

Online footwear store advertising online is a very essential thing to boost your sales. Nowadays, buying shoes online is popular because of its convenience. So, if you don’t know what to do at home, check out this online footwear business idea!

7. Doing business at home with online cosmetics shop

In the small home business model, perhaps cosmetics is the most popular commodity because it is compact, easy to store, easy to ship as well as very high profitability in each product.

Today, women’s beauty needs are on the rise, cosmetics are indispensable items to liven up the beauty. The cosmetic products are extremely diverse from lipstick, eyeshadow, cushion, skin care, sunscreen, … It can be said that selling cosmetics online is a small business form with great profit.

With this business idea, you can save money by taking advantage of the space at home to store cosmetics. Besides, you also need to learn how to advertise on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo to make your business more effective.

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8. Business with home tutoring

If you want to start a business with as little capital as possible, tutoring is a form you should definitely not ignore, but provided you have some knowledge. You can open classes at home or receive tutoring at students’ homes. Depending on your ability and knowledge, you can receive tutoring classes from elementary to high school, according to each different curriculum.

You can also open online courses and sell them online, you might be surprised by the profits from them.

9. Small business with phone accessories

Nowadays, as the society develops and the smart phone is more and more popular in daily life, it becomes easier to sell phone accessories.

The extremely compact phone accessories such as cases, headsets, tempered glass do not require too large space, which is very convenient for you to do business at home. With this business model, you can easily sell on social networks and ship to customers to increase income. Moreover, phone cards are easy to sell to acquaintances and receive money later with just one text.

10. Business at home with babysitting service

If you love children and have some knowledge of babysitting, you can start earning extra money as a home babysitter. In today’s society, taking care of children is a huge problem for busy parents. They have a need to find someone who can look after and take care of their children when they are busy working. Babysitting seems simple but it’s not really as easy as you think, you need to ensure the safety of the baby, feed the baby, sleep, take care when sick, …

This work is hard but can bring you a very high and stable income every month.

11. Doing business with fashion accessories such as handbags, leather wallets, eyeglasses, hats and watches

Handbags, leather purses, eyeglasses, hats and watches are the accessories that demand very high, almost every household owns these essential fashion accessories. Therefore, this is also a suitable idea for those who want to do business with little capital. Just like an online clothing business, you should combine promoting your products on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, and Instagram. No renting space for sale, no need to preserve much, just with a smart phone, you can advertise the products of handbags, leather wallets to your customers.

12. Doing business at home with old clothes repair shop at home

This is an effective business if you are skillful and skilled at sewing. With a sewing machine you can run a small business at home by fixing faulty clothes such as wide, tight, with holes or even cutting the hem of pants, attaching buttons …

The job is simple but can provide you with a steady stream of income without having to go anywhere from home, you can do it when you are free. In addition to fixing old clothes, you can also take advantage of the excess fabric to sew small socks, hats and gloves for babies. If moms get dressed, they might love seeing these little things and buying them. Consider this business idea.

13. Doing business at home as a sales associate

If you do not have capital, no sales space, you can consider a business idea by becoming an online sales associate is a very remarkable option. You need to contact the shop owners and get the job, then sell the products for the commission agreed in advance. Even if you sell more than the price of the product, you will receive that interest.

This small business form is very simple, you just need to find customers by advertising sales in group groups on the internet and eating the discount difference, all forms of shipping, collecting money, the shop owner will take care.

14. Big business with the sale of handmade goods

Handmade items are always considered as home-business items with little capital but a lot of profit. If you are a skillful person, you can make handmade products for sale such as cards, embroidery pictures, books, gift boxes, … to both help you do what you love and increase your income.

To make an effective handmade business, you should invest in capturing quality images posted on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Zalo or your personal blog. When you have a certain number of customers, you can get a decent income.

15. Open a barber shop at home

If you have an apprenticeship and have the ability to cut your hair, this is a great business idea to consider. Nowadays, everyone’s beauty needs, both men and women, are very high, they are more and more interested in appearance.

To prepare a barber shop, you can invest from a few million VND to a hundred million VND, mainly depending on the scale you want to do. If you only have enough capital to invest in a small, simple, basic enough business equipment, do not worry, as such a model is still very feasible.

The secret of this idea of ​​making money at home will depend on your ability to maintain consistent service quality and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, you need to prepare well for solid workmanship, learn management skills to minimize employee hiring costs. Please consider before doing business.

Hopefully, with these 15 suggestions, you have chosen for yourself a business idea that is suitable for your resources and abilities. Good luck.

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