Mistakes when flirting make girl hate

Hello everyone, over the past time, many men asked us how they can be confident in conquering a woman, because after being rejected many times, they feel even more discouraged. and become inferior, withdrawn from love.

Dear friends, in order to successfully confess your love, you first need to know the reasons why you were rejected, or even hated, after showing your care to a girl. Was it because the girl was arrogant or was it because you went wrong? Let’s analyze it together:

1.The first way of flirting that makes you hated is: Show a hidden or revealing way that you are single, you are in need of a girlfriend.

For example, “so sad, this winter I haven’t had a bear”, or “no one has cooked rice for me yet”, you think that by listening like that, the girl will know your current situation and If she’s single like you, you can both be together. But you forgot that she’s a girl, you’re not the only one flirting with her, why should she know you just because you’re single? She may hate you more because your way of speaking shows that you are confused with your loneliness and simply looking for someone to fill up without any interest or interest in her.

2. The second way of flirting that makes you hate that is: Show your pity and failure, wishing she will get emotional and make your girlfriend.

Your familiar saying is “if someone like me, who would love to love it!”, “You are used to being lonely”. What you may receive is probably just pity. With smart girls, she knows right away that you are hitting her on her feelings to let her feel compassion, which is why she feels she is emotionally exploited and hates you more.

3. The third method of flirting is also done by a lot of male friends, that is to show off what they have, in appearance or material.

You might attract a few girls who like these things, but girls with self-esteem will feel offended by you.

4. The fourth way, on the contrary, is to tell about your shortcomings, such as “I am this poor, do you love me?”

You are lowering your own price but demanding her approval. Imagine you are a sales person, when you want to sell your products to customers, you need to show customers the advantages of the product and the suitability of the product to the customer; If you only say all downsides, would the customers be interested in buying or not? Not to mention, customers will also feel downcast when you introduce them a product that is only downside. With this flirting, you also put the girl in a dilemma, if she does not agree to know you, she will be considered selfish, only interested in appearance or material, if she agrees to know you. she will feel as if she is trapped. That’s why girls don’t like this kind of flirting.

Dear men, if you are delicate enough, you will find that these 4 ways of flirting are common to those who are new to love or are in desperate need of a relationship and are emotionally immature. Authentic men will understand that having a relationship as friends is not as important as finding a mate to share with them. Therefore, their flirting style is very calm, serious, and easily conquers the girl. They do not present themselves as a pervert or lack of affection, but as a grown man looking for the true half. They mattered whether the girl is right for me, not as much as having a relationship with her. It is this relaxed yet serious mentality that makes their approach attractive, seductive and easy to fall in love with women.

Remember that a woman only loves the person she respects. Conquering the wrong way will only make her more angry and you will bring hurt.

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