Men and women to love and get a wife are two different worlds

Having a sweet love or accepting solitude throughout the years of our youth is due to our own choices. But getting married is different, it is something that we cannot take the initiative, we still have to do it if we don’t want to.
Many people believe that: “marriage is arranged by fate, the crystallization of love”. Also true, marriage is the result of years of love and happiness, is the result of trying to cultivate, build up a beautiful future of couples who love each other. Of course, they must be patient and patient enough, alert enough not to loosen their hands even for a moment if they do not want their love to be forgotten and soon broken.

With girls, when they love, they often have to choose between many things to find a suitable person. But perhaps the most important thing is, does he love me and treat me well all his life? Does he or she have the ability to bring himself a happy and happy life in the future? If a boy has all these factors, he will be the husband every girl wants to marry.

However, men think differently. Love and marriage are two completely separate boundaries. Sometimes just because they want to prove their manly bravery, have a hobby of conquest, they look to girls who challenge their abilities to love, to explore and to assert themselves. Sometimes, one girl is not enough for them, they want to make choices themselves by letting more than two women appear in their lives. But when getting married, it is different, ignoring the strict requirements, they just need a good daughter, caring for her family, always wise and know how to manage in all situations encountered in life. So when they fall in love, even though they are passionate, they still keep themselves awake so that both of them don’t waste a lifetime.

We often rush to search for something so big that we do not realize that there is always a shadow around us quietly accompanying us, that shadow beside us silently, no. may hold my hand in front of a crowd but in the dark darkness of suffering it will always accompany me in that darkness. So, is the path I have chosen really happy? Future that I have fixed myself to have as I desire? and the person I love is the person with us throughout life? Unfortunately, we tend to hastily put ourselves in the only path that we have previously set and when we realize that our choices are wrong then perhaps .. everything seems too late!

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