How to reduce anxiety in love?

Expression of people who are anxious in love:
Feeling insecure with your love, feeling that the other person doesn’t love you as much as you do.
– Want to meet that person as much as possible
– Always need reassurance from that person, want him to repeat over and over that he loves you, otherwise you will not be assured.
– As long as the person does not answer the phone or text message in time, you can not stand still, many questions appear in your mind about where he goes, what to do, with whom.
– Feel extremely nervous if someone of the opposite sex approaches your lover.
– Sometimes not sure about the person’s feelings for you, often ask the opinions of people around him to see if he loves you or not.
– Feeling confused, depressed, depressed in love often.

There are 2 causes of anxiety in love: Objective cause may be because you have an unhappy childhood, not receiving enough love from your family; or have been hurt, betrayed in love.

The subjective reason is because you have a negative view of yourself, but a positive view of the person you love. You lack confidence in yourself, think that you are still too many shortcomings and blurred. You often compare yourself to others and feel inferior, unrivaled, while your partner is attractive and has too many strengths. That makes you feel like you might be left out at any moment and produces anxiety.

One person who is too anxious in love can make the other person feel claustrophobic, controlled, and prone to controversy and disagreement.

To overcome anxiety, there are two things you should do: First, heal yourself from past hurts, not letting it affect your present. Second, improve your self-confidence, don’t underestimate yourself below your loved one.

We recommend the following methods you can apply for yourself:

– Keep your interests, focus on the things that interest you. Doing something well can boost your confidence. If you have nothing to love about, you will spend a lot of time thinking about where your partner is and what to do, which will make you more anxious and dependent on him.

– Try chatting more with strangers. Talking to people who don’t know about you will help you avoid feeling afraid of judgment or judgment, and you can feel more comfortable and confident in yourself. Then use this comfort and confidence to chat with the person you love.

– Think of yourself as a confident and charming person. Thinking creates habits, and builds your actions. How will a confident, attractive person dress, behave and speak? Imagine it and act as if you are already a confident person. If you practice enough, it becomes your style.

– Please help others more. Why does this give you more confidence? Because by helping others, you find your good sides, and the person being helped responds with warm eyes, compliments and gratitude, they will help you get better. positive thoughts about yourself.

– And the last thing indispensable: You should learn about the psychology of the opposite sex to understand the difference between you and that person. Your lack of confidence also stems from not knowing how to deal with situations that happen in love. Knowing your partner’s needs, wants, and ways of thinking will help you avoid unreasonable worries, problematic personality traits, and the controls and imposition on the person you love. Understanding the person’s point of view, you will realize that most of the time it comes to you taking things seriously.

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