Solution corresponding to each cause.

1. She is angry because she can’t feel the “special person” in your eyes.

Because the psychology of comparing yourself to other women is common in women. When a woman is treated in a special way, a woman is very proud and feels more valuable in herself. Maybe she is nothing to others but very “special” to her man. When considered special, a woman’s soul will blossom and give a man more love.

Man’s expression makes his girlfriend not feel special:

  • You are still involved with your ex.
  • You make her feel inferior to other women.
  • You often criticize her flaws.
  • You don’t pay attention to the anniversaries of both of them
  • You lack thoughtfulness …

These things make the woman feel that she is “ordinary” in your eyes, “I am nothing in his eyes”. What is the special treatment a girlfriend deserves?

How to heal:

  • Compliment her on her strengths.
  • Expressing love through words and actions like “I love you”, “You are so beautiful” …
  • Prepare attentive gifts and parties so that she can act as “princess”
  • Keep your distance from other women
  • Always proud to introduce her to everyone …

2. She was angry because she didn’t feel understood

Because women are often fragile and sensitive, their emotional charts also fluctuate. Unlike men who often hide their emotions inward, women like to express their thoughts and feelings. Therefore, understanding in a man will make them appreciate it, it is a proof of his love.

The man’s expression makes his girlfriend feel he is not being understood:

  • You judge her feelings
  • Say she’s “overdoing it”.
  • Implied that she’s too sensitive, she’s “stupid”, doesn’t understand.

How to heal:

  • Listen without judgment, show intimacy and comfort when she expresses her feelings “Is that so”, “It’s too hard for you”, “I understand” …
  • If you missed your judgment, apologize and ask if you hurt her, encourage her to say your feelings, you listen and promise to change, compensate her with. hugs and delicious meal.

3. She was angry because she didn’t feel respected

Women always want to know “what am I in his eyes”. If she feels her importance in your heart, she will be willing to give more.

Men’s expressions that make women feel disrespected:

  • You dismiss her opinions and ideas.
  • You keep her hidden about important things about you or both of you.
  • You take the things she does for you for granted without thanks or appreciation.

How to heal:

  • Tell her how much you appreciate what she has done for you.
  • Share with her your future plans and future relationship.
  • Ask her what her needs are and make them your priority.
  • When she expresses her point of view, you take note and want to hear her clarification.

4. She is angry because she doesn’t feel you are committed to the relationship

Because, society often sets strict standards for women, plus the function of pregnancy, childbirth, and family nurturing … makes women often feel more disadvantaged in a relationship. A dedicated man will give her a sense of stability to lean on, dispel her anxiety and insecurity.

The expression of the not conscientious man:

  • You are impatient, get angry easily with her
  • You don’t invest (effort, finance, time …) in the relationship.
  • You can easily give up, say goodbye if something is not satisfied.

How to heal:

  • Learn to grow and give more
  • Manage your emotions, be persistent, patient, and make an effort to get your emotions back together to prove you’ve changed
  • Share her what you have.

5. She is angry because she feels she is not interested in you

The nature has prescribed functions for women to become pregnant, to give birth, along with possible risks in the process. Therefore, she needs to consider who she will give her life. A caring and caring man will give her a sense of security, not self-pity when facing the difficulties in life.

Man’s manifestations that make women feel disinterested:

  • Leave her alone in times of trouble, illness, or illness.
  • Not paying attention to her needs and wishes.
  • Don’t pay attention to when she’s sad or sad.
  • Not protecting her from difficulties, storms, bullying …

How to heal:

  • Sincerely apologize, confess your shortcomings.
  • Immediately correct mistakes by taking specific actions such as: Caring, asking questions, taking care of your girlfriend’s physical and mental health, helping her overcome difficulties.

6. She is angry because she sees you not making a commitment to the relationship

Because, it takes 9 months for a woman to give birth to a baby and at least 5 more years to nurture a child with the most basic survival skills. Therefore, instinctively, they will find a man who is willing to stick with them for at least 6 years to take care of each other and protect each other and their children.

If a woman encounters the hand of So Khanh “whipping the wind horse” after she becomes pregnant, it is obvious that her life and the future child will be very difficult. Therefore, the instincts of the weak force them to carefully consider a potential audience’s ability to commit to bond before making a choice.

Man’s expression makes women feel no commitment:

  • You have vague relationships with other girls.
  • You do not discuss the future, do not introduce her to relatives or friends.

How to heal:

  • Be clear about the relationships around you and make her feel good about the relationships around you.
  • If you are the type of person who does not like to publish your love story on social networks, you should also introduce her in real life to relatives and friends.
  • Be wholehearted in the relationship with her.

Women are easily angry people, but it is also easy to soften their hearts if a man is a little sincere and skillful.

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