How to create a taobao account quickly and simply

As one of the largest trading platforms in China, Taobao is currently the first choice of merchants in Vietnam today. Especially for those who want to import Chinese goods to sell in Vietnam, Taobao is an option not to be missed because of the rich amount of goods, diverse sources, many models, and cheap prices. However, a barrier for Taobao users is that users must create a personal account to search and make transactions. Creating a Taobao account with many people is quite difficult because the interface is only in Chinese. If you are also struggling to know where to start, don’t worry, let’s today’s article explore the steps to create a Taobao account simply and quickly.

In general, the way to register an account on Taobao is similar to how to create an account on other e-commerce sites in Vietnam such as Shopee, Lazada, Tiki, etc. The specific steps are as follows:

Step 1

Visit the following registration link:

Create Taobao account step 1

When the website displays the terms of Taobao as shown above, click this orange button, this is the “Agree” button to Taobao’s terms of service.

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Step 2: Enter your account registration phone number

Create Taobao account step 2

After entering the phone number and dragging the picture as instructed, click the arrow to agree.

Step 3: Enter the confirmation code

After the registration process, Taobao will send a confirmation code to the phone number you just registered, enter the confirmation code in the box as shown below then click on the orange box at the bottom.

Create Taobao account step 3

Step 4: Create an account

Here, you enter your username and password, then press the button to finish. Passwords from 6-20 characters, must contain both letters and numbers.

Create Taobao account step 4

Successful account creation will appear as shown below:

Create Taobao account step 5

Only with this account you can log in and at the website, including the website and

Good luck.

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