How to build an effective and sustainable online sales system

Thanks to the development of technology and the Internet, online forms of selling are becoming more and more popular to replace traditional forms of selling. Forms of online sales have become extremely popular in Vietnam with a variety of business items ranging from fashion, cosmetics, furniture, home appliances, technology, … and to be able to compete in this already saturated market, you need to have the form of building a professional and methodical online sales system. Let’s join this article to learn the ways to build an online sales system below before you decide to enter this extremely potential market.


1. Building the system of collaborators / online agents

In order to have more human resources with little cost and low risk, building a system of collaborators / agents is the first solution. Why do you need to build a system of CTV / agent to sell online. Because it can help your viral brand quickly, without paying salary, low risk, increasing sales quickly, …

However, not trading all products is suitable for you to build a system of CTV / agent. Normally, the items suitable for business under the model of CTV / agent are the distribution of cosmetics, fashion, real estate, functional foods, Handmade products, …

The right subjects to join the CTV / agent system:

  • Recruit students, offices, and mothers who want to earn extra income.
  • Post jobs in job groups, groups of nappies, office workers
  • Posting content articles to recruit ctv agents to run ads.
  • Build a funnel for loyal customers to become CTV and Agent.

It’s not really easy for you to build an efficient, quality CTV / agent system. However, if you have a well-planned plan, you can build a quality team of collaborators / agents in a short time.

  • Build professional and reputable personal image
  • Post content:

– Information about your products, imported goods, goods sold to CTV

– How the CTV system, how to train

– Update CTV list once a week

– Updated number of CTV

– Post feedback on a CTV

– Prove that your CTVs have sold

  • Salary, bonus, policy:

– Show customers income of CTV, your agent

– Give customers trust and desire to make money

– There are bait to attract CTV and agent

  • Help CTV, your dealer sell goods

– Build groups, chat groups to update sales knowledge, take care of, answer questions

– Train one-to-one instructions for potential collaborators and agents

– Livestream weekly tutorials.

– Provide documents content, images.

– Race to top, reward among CTV, Agents.

– Offer attractive promotions and deals

  • How to keep CTV, agent:

Need to create voice and influence from the head

– Proven product quality, safety for users, with support from distributors

– Constraint contract terms

2. Building a system of sales channels

In the era of technology development, online sellers cannot ignore effective sales channels such as Facebook, website, Online sales website E-commerce such as Shopee, Lazada, …

  • Selling online effectively with Facebook channel

What is online selling on facebook? Selling online on Facebook is how you bring your products and services to Facebook to introduce, promote and sell for free on it. Facebook has many forms to help you sell goods on Facebook effectively such as posting pictures, videos, livestreams on personal pages, fan pages, groups, … Because this can cause trouble, please pay attention to providing valuable information to the user as well.

  • Selling on the website

Sales website

Website is like a physical store but on the internet. Therefore the website is very important, so it also needs to be neatly decorated, beautifully, in accordance with the tastes of the customers you are aiming for. Most companies large and small design websites because of the following benefits:

  • Attract more customers
  • Promote sales activities easier
  • Increase effectiveness of marketing strategies
  • Enhance the value of your brand and the reputation of your business

So how do you build content for the website effectively? You need to understand the needs of your customers, who your customers are, where, what they have needs, what their behavior is, how to anticipate their behavior. Without researching first, your products / services will probably not be interested by anyone and your website is likely to fall into oblivion among the millions of websites created every day. You can use support tools to understand your customers’ needs (keyword research tool) and search for keywords that people are interested in, such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Trend tools. After finding a series of key keywords, you will write SEO optimized articles for that keyword.

3. Building management and support software systems

Sales management software is a software that helps companies and businesses easily synthesize processes, tasks and measure the effectiveness of their business. These softwares will help you automate all the steps, starting from data storage to converting to actual customers, creating detailed performance reports, giving you easy control and improve the quality of their sales.

Sales management software will save you time and labor costs. It can also help you accurately calculate metrics such as conversion rate, percentage of profit and loss, number of customers, …

This is a suitable and necessary product for all types of businesses from online businesses to large corporations because the sales management software helps business owners have an overview of the effectiveness of all factors. : human resources, services, customer positions, … From there, it helps you easily and quickly achieve your business goals.

4. Build an employee system (if possible)

For a large-scale online store, the human resources team will include management positions, sales staff, marketer, accounting, warehouse and shipping.

However, depending on the size, the employee system can minimize the positions, even only need one person to handle all the work positions. If your business is small and the number of customers is not large, you can simplify your staff as much as possible to save costs. If the business situation develops and you intend to expand, you can consider hiring more staff for positions such as page staff, filing, online marketing, … ..


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