The Department of Youth & Aging has an essential role in the State Government since it involves and interacts with the people to promote stable human resource development.  This Department is responsible for the welfare of the people in Airai State in particular the youth and the elderly or senior citizens.  The Department of Youth & Aging, with the dedicated work of Ms. Merii Rengulbai, a former Coordinator of the department, and Ms. Debolyne Arurang, a new and current Coordinator, diligently implements programs and activities that promote good health, safety, education, and interests for the youth and the senior citizens.

Several programs and projects have been successfully instigated and developed in the recent years, including availability and accessibility of Adult Education (G.E.D.), Basic Traditional Skills Training for the youths, Improved Facilities for Sports for the youth of Airai, and Developed Activities for the Senior Citizens to participate in annually.

For more information on programs of the Youth and Aging Department, please contact Coordinator Ms. Debolyne Arurang  or James Johanes, Assistant Coordinator at (680) 587-3511.

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