Choosing a man to stick with for life is an important decision, because your friend’s life will get better tomorrow or go to hell partly depends on his nature.
Good men are always the ones who respect women and everyone around them. So how to know what a true gentleman is?

A man of average beauty is said to be better than a handsome man in their ego and demeanor.

A real man is valued by everyone more than a rich man, arrogant and insulting others.

A man with a greater sense of course than a mad man kept running to please women.

Of course, everyone knows how to stay away from bad men, but how do you realize what are the true gentlemen, which are the bad guys?

1. A true gentleman is someone who never brags about his accomplishments, successful work or private life. He’s not trying to make judgments about someone else’s lifestyle or his own.

7 signs that identify the true gentleman

2. A true gentleman is someone who is always interested in helping others. For example, he always opens the door for you, pulls a chair when he dines. If he goes to dinner together, he is not afraid to serve you.

3. A true gentleman is someone who never reacts strongly if someone acts rude to him. He always acted as if nothing happened and simply didn’t care about those people.

4. A real gentleman is someone who never argues or makes a loud voice in public, whether it is his enemy or a passerby who is arguing with him.

5. A real gentleman is someone who is never curious about your privacy – unless you tell him personally. He is not at all because of other people’s superficial judgments about you, but hastily judges you as a good or bad woman.

7 signs that identify the true gentleman

6. A true gentleman is someone who tries to initiate a conversation with compliments and makes you feel comfortable with him. He knows words of encouragement are better and more helpful than complaints.

7. Finally, a true gentleman is someone who always gives you a feeling of happiness and joy by his wonderful words and gestures. A man with a nice and polite personality is a real man.

-Source: TLHTY-

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