7 reasons to surprise when a girl falls in love in the eyes of a man

Do not let yourself fall into a situation where he looks down on me so that he is sad in his heart. Girls have to have a price and have to know how to make a price, so never let yourself fall into the following mistakes to devalue in the eyes of men!

Do not let yourself fall into a situation where he looks down on me so that he is sad in his heart.

1. Too easy

Easy … When it comes to ease, many people will think that it is easy to get in bed with a man, easy to give away “a thousand gold” without knowing how to make a price. Yeah, that’s also true. It is also an easy one. Because what is easily conquered is often quickly bored, this mentality seems like both men and women.

Especially in a male-female relationship, if he sees you as a woman who easily gives his “first things”, they will think that you are easygoing with him, then it will be easy. all others.

The dumbest woman is trusting men too much, trusting with all her heart and trusting the women around him.

In fact, a woman’s ease comes from her personality. Easy means to easily let go of anything without calculating or thinking about anything. “You pay for today” is also ok, “You can make this for me, do it for me.” Another got mad, then he explained a few sentences as “Ok, I believe you”, so the end of the program …

This woman, sometimes your greatness will be defined as “easy” by men. But the word “easy” in a man’s dictionary is often not understood in a good sense. So learn to love yourself before you love others! Don’t let them get in and out of you so easily. Men will look down on me very much.

2. Blind jealousy

Contrary to the type of women above is the type of woman that seems to be frightened and painful in the world every time. That is the type of woman who is always skeptical, introspection and often angry when “sniffing” the smell of the pink shadows that appear next to her lover. This type of woman often does not know right from wrong, reason, does not know where you are the enemy, defies everything and “bites” wildly to satisfy her jealousy.

These types of women are often as fierce as wild tigers. Just see him talking to another girl and her brain is about to explode, let alone other things.

Men and women, old and young both hate this kind of woman. Because blind jealousy is an act that shows she is a person who does not understand reason, cannot judge, does not know how to keep up, and respects the privacy of both parties.

This is clearly a manifestation of a selfish person who knows only the momentary emotions of himself without anticipating the consequences and feelings of others. At the same time, it also shows a lack of understanding and weakness that leads to such superficial actions.

That is why women need to have a cold mind to know right from wrong, learn about the industry and analyze the problem so that if there is jealous, they must also be jealous with the wisest attitude possible!

3. Giving away too much

Making sacrifices to others too much is not lofty but foolish woman!

Of course, when you love, you have to love with all your heart. There is no love that exists when people only love each other with half of their heart. But love is not to blindly give without receiving in return. You can give, ask, ask, or expect nothing in return, because you simply want to be a good girl when you fall in love.

But… one day, two days, one year, two years and then a few years passed. On holidays, only you give him gifts, on busy days there are only you to help him, normally only you make him do this and that but he never can do it again for you. What is clear this relationship is the only one you cultivate?

If he knows how to cherish and cherish you, he will not let you have to “do” alone to cultivate for this love. You obviously don’t have any value other than taking advantage of him. Do not let yourself lose value and lose like that anymore. Stop my “idiot” here!

4. Asking too much

Giving away too much is considered nothing. But asking too much will be judged as not knowing that girl! Therefore, it is not easy to want to be valuable in the eyes of a man.

Before asking your lover to do anything for you, must you check to see if you are beautiful yet? good calculation yet? love him with all your heart? please make him happy every day or not!

If you love you sincerely, no one will say anything, he will pamper you and love you all without having to ask or complain about him personally. Because the most perfect man is the man in love.

So, before asking a girl to do something for her, she must check herself to see if she is beautiful? good calculation yet? love him with all your heart? please make him happy every day or not! I have to be like to be treated badly, but no one will ever mistreat their lover. Because of love, love must be cherished.

If you are not good enough, try to be good before you are gone, girl. Because men are most afraid of women who just can’t eat and sit, wait for figs to open their mouths, do nothing but open their mouth, which is demanding. Well, actually, this kind of woman hates everyone, not just men.

5. Children

Having a boyfriend but my boyfriend is as childish as my sister’s at home, it makes more sense to stay at home in the afternoon than my own sister. That is the general thought of most of the boys these days! So if you are old enough, ready to enter a relationship with two people then prove your maturity to him. That way he will love and cherish you very much.

If you feel like you still want to be pampered like a child, then stay home to be the daughter of your mother, the queen of your father and be your brother’s spoiled sister! No one dares to love you when you are this childish.

How are children usually? Do you know what people hate about children? Even though they are cute like angels, people still hate their bawdy. So, if you are older, someone loves you, then don’t let people hate you like you do with children.

One is do not love, just stay home to be the daughter of the mother, the queen of the father and be the baby sister of the brother. Second, when you accept love, you must know to sacrifice a little, think and sympathize for the person you love a little bit and definitely have to accept that you have grown up.

6. Young woman

Young women often make people mad with frustration, but then they stop. When encountering these young women, the men are often frustrated and speechless. The type of woman who thinks she’s grown up will be right and often like to teach her lover. But when this old woman “accidentally falls in love,” she often just wants to run away.

Growing up is good, but being too old is not good. He already has a mother, so he wants to find a lover, not the need to find another mother.

Normally, at home listening to her mother chattering from one ear to another, nagging everyone in the family from one to another, calculating little by little has been an obsession in life. Now that you have a boyfriend, but you still have a “second mother”, then you should stop loving and stay healthy.

People love each other because they want to come together to create and share happy, sweet feelings. To find a shoulder to lean on when I’m tired and need a warm heart to embrace me, listen to my confidences that I can’t share with anyone. But no one wants to find another mother.

So, girl! If you are young, live well. Live up to your age. Be mature and mature while still retaining a girl’s purity. Women like that can make men run after the chainsaw with flowers.

7. Lightning, sloppy

At least meeting a young woman is better than meeting this kind of messy “auntie”. After all, the young women are just annoyed in their personalities, they’re still pretty and boring.

You are living in an era where you only need to be beautiful, so don’t make yourself unworthy in this society of “conscious beauty”!

The charisma of a woman shows many things, and nothing seems to be good. Men will immediately imagine this type of woman is definitely a very dirty and lazy person, not able to take care of herself. Going to work, going home from school is definitely throwing a bag, throwing books, throwing clothes all over the room… Oh! Fear at first sight.

Hey, daughter! Don’t let yourself fall into these situations! Live wholeheartedly, love wholeheartedly and have to know how to make yourself valuable! That must be done to be cherished and cherished.

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