7 experience selling clothes Online effectively and expensive

In recent years, e-commerce has exploded more than ever, leading to the online clothing business has also become a money-making profession for many people who like to do business. Because of its great potential, the online clothing business is also highly competitive and has many challenges for individuals just entering the business. Let’s join the article today to explore the great tricks of online clothing business to sell effectively.

1. Identify your target customers when selling clothes online

Each business model has its own target audience. Therefore, when starting an online clothing business, you also need to identify target customers for your products. Target customers are men or women, old or young, how old are you, office style, elegant or young, modern.

Identifying your target customers will help you target your audience and better understand the needs of potential customers and their fashion trends. The more detailed your audience is, the easier it is for you to visualize your client’s portraits, identify their needs and make follow-up plans.

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2. Market survey – Business planning

A mistake that many people make when selling clothes online is that they often import clothes, designs they like, based on their own taste and aesthetic eye. In fact, what you like is not necessarily what your customers will like. Therefore, in order to get the right direction, you should never ignore the market survey, online business planning to capture market trends, consumer needs and psychology.

What do you need to do for market survey? First, please refer to the model, method and business status of online and offline stores. See what models they sell, what their prices are, their approaches to customers are advantages and disadvantages, what is the cause of their success or failure.

A very useful way for you to survey this information quickly is to join a community, forum, or group association and then create a discussion topic. It’s very simple, you just need to ask simple questions such as: “What should I wear this summer?” There will also be a lot of people commenting and sharing, as long as you keep the heat of the discussion topic, the number of participants will increase rapidly.

3. Name the store impressively, easy to remember

Give your store a short and memorable name to take advantage of the free word of mouth advertising opportunity. If your product is truly quality and satisfied, a memorable name will make it easier for them to recommend you to their friends. No matter how you name it, it should be mostly Vietnamese, English only a small part so that people can easily remember it.

4. Find sources of quality goods, good prices

One factor determining the success of your business is quality and competitive pricing. Want to have a favorable business, you not only need to prepare sufficient resources but also need to prepare an abundant source of goods, with quality and competitive prices. It is necessary to avoid delivering the wrong models, sizes, and poor quality compared to the images on the Internet.

The source of the goods you choose needs to be stable in both quantity and quality, ensuring to meet the full needs of size, color, shape, … Currently, most clothing sellers import goods from wholesale markets or factories, factories supplying export goods, portable goods. Therefore, almost every shop has the same designs, smart customers will choose the side with the better price.

If you import large quantities, you can negotiate a lower price with your partner, so you can compete on price with other shop owners. In addition, to attract customers better, you should find and choose unique and exotic items to create competitiveness for your store.

5. Build online clothing sales channels

Starting a business, to save costs, you should start selling on available websites such as chotot.vn, lamchame, webtretho, 5giay.vn, …

Or you can sell on available social networking platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Zalo, … This is the most popular form of sales today. You can set up yourself a completely free fanpage and post your products and designs here for customers to see and choose from. Besides, you can also join groups, Facebook groups on clothing, where your potential customers often join to post your products.

If you are more professional, you can invest in a fashion website. When the business is more stable, you can invest in building a sales website to increase the reputation and professionalism of your shop. Unlike social networking platforms, you should invest better images when selling on the website to create professionalism.

6. Investment in advertising

Don’t think that just posting sales will naturally lead to customers buying from you. Whether you are selling traditional goods in a store or online, advertising plays a very important role. Advertising can help you reach a larger number of customers with your buying needs.

Currently there are many tools to help you advertise products when selling clothes online. You can use available Google tools like Adwords, run Facebook ads, place banners on other websites or use video marketing. Spend an initial cost to see which advertising channels will be more appropriate and effective for your product and decide to invest in those channels. But remember that advertising also only plays a logistics role, it is still important that your sales and products are enough to attract customers or not.

7. Customer care when doing business online

In the sales process, customer consultation is extremely important, you need enthusiastic and skillful advice so that customers feel comfortable trusting and secure when choosing shopping. After sale, you also need to have special customer care policies for old customers such as loyalty cards, discount cards, holiday deals. They may continue to buy from you, or even recommend their friends or relatives to buy you.

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