6 reasons why men likes women who are confident and proactive

Confidence and initiative are the deadly charms that every modern girl should have.
Who says women take the initiative is devalued, is shameful? What era has passed but still embraced such old-fashioned thoughts, so as not to dare to express your feelings, make happiness float away. Men now do not like passive girls, just sitting there waiting for others to come to them, but refuses to get up to find happiness for themselves.

Here are 6 reasons why men increasingly prefer girls who are confident and proactively embrace their love.

1. Men also know shame

Of course, men are human, also have the same feelings as women. They also have moments of embarrassment, not knowing how to speak to the other party. Then in that case, a girl with confidence, taking the initiative to come and chat with them would make them very grateful.

2. Show that you care about them

When flirting with someone, men tend to be restless and anxious. Because they don’t know if the other person likes what they do. So women should actively express their feelings, and give men another chance to date if they feel their feelings can develop.

3. Men are also afraid of being rejected

There are men who are brave, but others are shy. When they want to date you, they have to draw the courage to reach out and offer to meet you. But if you take the initiative to do that, the man will feel very relieved as if he were relieved of a burden.

4. They don’t know how to reach you

Still shy guys – they worry too much before a date, and mess things up. If right now you show up and actively invite them to eat or coffee, it will make them appreciate it.

5. They like your confidence

Contrary to the traditional male model, many men today are very fond of girls who confidently express their personalities, and actively capture emotions. They consider it a particularly attractive feature in the personality as well as people of modern women.

6. Their egos are satisfied

When a girl takes the initiative to tell a man she likes him, the man will surely feel especially satisfied and extremely proud of her comrades.

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