12 ways to earn money for mothers to have a stable income

Mothers who breastfeed often have a lot of free time while staying at home to look after their babies and can take advantage of their free time to do business to earn extra income. So what are the suitable products for mothers to trade in milk diapers? Today’s article will share with you 12 ways to make money for your mother to breastfeed while taking care of her baby and have time to earn extra income while at home. Let’s find out now.

1. Selling junk food online – A popular profession for mothers with diapers

A mother who nipples milk outside of child care will have a lot of free time. You should take advantage of that time to earn extra income by making snacks that today’s young people love and selling online to save costs and time. If you are a skillful person and have a talent for cooking then you can do very well in this job. This is also a very familiar form, so there will be many competitors. If you want to be successful, you must make a difference in your products or services, or unique advertising. When your job is gradually stable and has many customers, you can get a decent income that you did not expect.


Snacks Online

2. Babysitting at home

If you have experience in babysitting and see this as a job that you are too familiar with, you can completely take care of a few more children to take care of. You can do this job at home while helping you earn an extra 2-4 million per month while also helping your kids to have friends to play with. It is a double job, why shouldn’t you try this job right away?

3. Online fashion business at home

Fashion is no longer a new field because there are so many people in this field, but it always attracts many individuals. You can look for cheap sources of goods at wholesale markets or online wholesale stores, the investment capital is usually not too high, but it helps you to earn a high rate of return. Online fashion business at home is also an effective source of income. You need to clearly define your target audience, male, female, young or old to choose a suitable sales channel such as Facebook, or other e-commerce channels such as Lazada, Ebay, Amazon, …

4. Collaborator consulting, selling insurance

If you have experience in sales, sales, or you have good communication skills, you should try consulting with an insurance agent. You will have a pretty good chance of getting a commission from this job. If you are a multi-relationship person, this job is even easier. This is the way make money at home Many mothers use milk, office workers love to increase income.

5. Record video posted to youtube

If you are worried about what to record a video with, do not worry because when you become a mother, you will have a lot of experience, great tips on childcare to share with many people. Therefore, you can create videos that are useful and attract many people interested in videos with such useful content and knowledge. When your channel has a certain number of followers and watch hours, you can make money on Youtube, or you can also promote other useful products right on your videos. You can make a huge amount of money from it.

6. Making handmade things

You are a skillful person, you can make your own souvenirs, then this is a job you should not miss. There are many people who choose this way to increase income for themselves and their families. Handmade items you can do business such as bracelets, embroidery pictures, fake flowers, teddy bears, notebooks … Then advertise on the net. social for sales.

7. Collaborators writing articles

Collaborators writing articles are an extremely attractive profession for mothers to breastfeed. If any sister has the ability to write, she should try this job. You can write articles like business advertisements, product descriptions, write standard SEO articles, … the price ranges from 30k to 500k per article. You can write articles for newsletters, online newspapers, or online sales websites.

8. Tutors

If women with knowledge of foreign languages, literature, math … have good communication ability, tutors will be a part-time job at home for mothers who can make a very good income. You can search for online classes on the internet, currently on average, each tutoring session is about 2-3 hours, with prices ranging from 150-200 thousand / 1 session, 3 sessions per week. With that job, the sisters had a pretty good income for the whole month, and had the opportunity to increase their income and improve their own knowledge, is not great.

9. Enter data at home

Women who are proficient in office computing and have the ability to type quickly, this is a job that makes money for mothers to take care of their children and earn extra income. Every day with free time, women can take advantage of input companies to go home to do, they will also earn a moderate income enough for household expenses.

However, today a lot of work on behalf of entering income data is tempting to scam. Therefore, mothers need to learn carefully before joining, to avoid losing time, effort and money without getting anything back.

10. Advertising design

If you know how to use photoshop, design and have aesthetic eyes, you can take advantage of the available ability to get jobs from companies such as web design, banner ads, … This job does not have to come out. Besides many, but the remuneration is also very high.

11. Do nail, personal makeup at home

This can become a stable job generating main income for mothers who breastfeed. Women who have the ability to apply makeup, or manicure in the past, this would be an ideal part-time job, but if you do not have experience, you can take a short course on manicuring or makeup. You can work at home, or open a small home salon for manicure and personal makeup. If you are skillful, the quality of service is good, your shop will be crowded and this will become a very good business bringing high income for you.

12. Receive online orders

If you do not want to spend money to import goods or rent a store, you can still make money with just a computer connected to the internet. Women can find out on foreign websites, products can be clothes, functional drugs, cosmetics, powdered milk … women can act as intermediaries for customers to eat the difference commissions. This is a very good job with high risks, so you should try it.

Above is a synthesis of 12 effective ways to make money at home for mothers who breastfeed. Hope you will find a suitable job for yourself and be successful with that job.

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