1001 good ways to flirt on Facebook guarantees instant gratification

How to flirt a good girl on Facebook ensures that it is immediately receiving special attention from young people today. Flirting easy not easy but difficult not difficult but the important thing is to have the right way and at the right time to be sure to succeed. This article is very useful for those who are FA or a long time, when finished reading and apply, maybe someone loves, not joking.

You are flirting with someone who is ignored, you want to approach but are denied. You are sad because you do not know how to conquer that person. If you read this article on how to flirt best then you don’t need to worry anymore because you will surely capture the person’s heart easily.

How to flirt funny girls on Facebook

Currently, getting used to chatting on the Internet or via Facebook messages is no longer too unfamiliar to young people. With a 4.0 era like this, finding and getting to know each other is much easier than before. However, not everyone is successful but must have a methodical way of flirting to conquer that person.

Great trick number 1: Hold hands at the right time

When crossing the street with her or when squeezing through the crowd to get ahead, don’t hesitate, take the initiative to hold her hand. You must be in a fully active position, do not ask her permission to take it. Because girls are always shy and hesitant, you can just ask if you are rejected.

Just that little action but girls will be very emotional. Girls will feel that you are a mature man who protects, loves and protects her girlfriend. Going with you, she will always feel absolutely safe.

Great trick number 2: Attach your eyes to her

Please take care of her at anytime, anywhere. Follow her every little thing, friends. Because you only know what she needs to meet you by just watching. It is simply hot, you buy her a glass of water, cold weather take off your shirt for her or buy the right food she likes … Only small things from the eyes that you can observe, she will recognize the your originality and sophistication there.

Great trick number 3: Be persistent whatever

Do not hesitate to my face too callous. Because not any guy can be sympathetic to girls for the first time. Just persevere, sincerely plant “si tree” to win the girls’ hearts.

Girls, no matter how strong or personal they are, will be softened with your sincerity. The tools have a saying that “rain is soaked for a long time”, just applying this technique will bring you “sweet fruit”. Sooner or later she will be overwhelmed by your sincerity only.

Great way number 4: Create surprises

Occasionally, change the “taste” a little. Instead of the usual things that she can guess, you should create small surprises for her. So what are the surprises? A lot and extremely simple like giving gifts to her on occasions … nothing special for example. Let her guess what the gift is? What reason do you give her?

Great trick number 5: Present at any time

Even if you are busy with loads of work, arrange to be with her when she needs you. That time you spend is not wasted at all. Because when she needs you, you are always there, proving you are sincere, you are wholeheartedly for her. And proves, she has trusted you, ready to share the sad and happy with you.

And if you are more passionate about work than she does, and can’t put off work to get to her when she needs it, then she probably won’t trust you anymore. How the results are, you will know immediately.

Great trick number 6: Humor and love

You just need to learn a few funny quizzes, small jokes to sometimes pull out to tell or watch a few movies, read love stories and then “memorize” the sweet sentences in them to apply speaking. With her at the right time, the right place will make sure she will die in love with you. “Girls hear with their ears”.

It is recommended that you do not overdo it and will make her “betrayed” and counterproductive.

Great trick number 7: Be public when determined

Sowing seeds every day, it is time to enjoy the results. When she has “green light” for you, please publicize that relationship to everyone know. “Sovereignty” has belonged to us to push the other satellites further away.

Psycho girls always want to be proud of their friends, so the fact that you dare to come out proves that you are a responsible guy. She will completely dedicate her heart to you.

How to flirt a new girl with a super cool Facebook message.

Talking with short, funny, witty messages is probably what many guys think about. Below, we will suggest you the best and most effective way to flirt with girls by texting. These messages will make an impression and make her love. Maybe that is the springboard to help you rekindle a beautiful love.

1. Are you free? Yes, why are you? So let me text you to delete

2. The subscriber you are using is currently noticed by another subscriber. Please pay attention.

3. If I like to go out, I will go with you … if you are happy, I will laugh with you … if you cry, I will cry with you … and if you can’t sleep, I will … because you can’t sleep you… ^ ^

4. Does it hurt when you fall from heaven to earth?

5. There are times when my mind says my heart, thoy hok love or hate hok remember…, but my heart is a monster, it was hard to call my name.

6. Is your father a thief? Because he stole the stars from the sky and brought them into my eyes.

7. How can I make sure it doesn’t rain when it’s thick with dark clouds? How can I catch yellow leaves that won’t fall when autumn comes? How can I make you not love me when I’m here in this world?

8. If you have to choose between loving you and the air to breathe. I will use my last breath to say love you.

9. You are like a fairy, you make me crazy. I love you so much that my heart aches. Your soft voice makes me numb … stop dead, sorry, I sent the wrong number! This message I have tried and is very effective there.

10. It’s been over a month now, your phone still has exactly 300VND in your account, enough to blink. But today I used that money to send you an SMS message. What are you doing, are you having fun, I miss you so much.

11. “Honey, don’t ever wish me happy. Because you are my happiness. ” .

12. “If I say, the earth is fortunate to have the sun, the boats are fortunate to have oceans to struggle, grass and trees to survive… .then you must say you are an extremely fortunate person. Luckily because I have you in my life.

13. I once asked you that “your heart has all the compartments”. “My heart has many compartments, honey”. I turned away … I don’t understand that your heart has many compartments, but the compartment for love can only hold one person … it’s you

14. “I don’t have much time, but for you to have the sweetness of my kisses, I’m ready. I can’t say I miss you because every time I miss you is a falling star in the sky. I don’t want a time when there won’t be a single star in the sky because I miss you so much. ”

15. “I’m busy, outsiders look at me and think I’m focused on work. But only partially true because nine parts of my busy time is thinking and missing you. And I believe you know this because you are always thinking about me. There will come a time when I will stop thinking about you if it makes you really happier. ”

The way of flirting with girls in the class made her fall into her arms quickly

If you are secretly loving, stealing a girl in the class, but do not know how to flirt or confess. On the other hand, flirting with the girl in the same class is not easy because if you fail, you will not know how to avoid when the two are in the same class. Here is the fastest and most effective way to chat with girls in the class, invite you to consult.

1. Find the right moment

The first step in conquering her heart is to find the right time to express your feelings, this is also the most important step in determining your success or failure. However, do not be too hasty, and it will spoil the sugar. Wait until the time to ripen before the fruits will be sweet.

First of all, do not do anything that makes your classmates hostile to you. Try to find an opportunity for you to hang out with her and of course indispensable side characters are her friends and the guys in the class, maybe class trips, picnics, group, birthday, … At this point, you should be ready to say your best words, love and romance to her, and of course only 2 people know if you do not want to be rejected. bluntly denied. And then, you should prepare a gift that she likes and that is also the reason you must learn about her interests before confessing.

2. Learn about hobbies

It can be said that the minimum thing to do before “flirting” is to learn about her interests, because that way you can easily win over her feelings and avoid unexpected situations. As the old saying goes “know the enemy knows me, one hundred and one hundred wins”, so please apply this tactic!

3. Buy off a loved one

Speaking of which, many people must think that I am dissipating, but this is a soft measure, and very effective. This way, you will have to bribe some of her relatives and friends to ally with you. Besides, these allies will help you get to know her better through your personality, hobbies, … and especially they will connect you well in front of her, besides also helping you to draw closer to her. ways and create the best conditions for the two of you to have a private space to confess your love. See also: The best and most effective way to confess to a girlfriend in class

However, it is easy to say, but with this way it is not easy, because it requires you to be really a visionary and a good guy to be able to win the hearts of her relatives and friends. And when you have the opportunity to confess your love, you should quickly grasp and use the winged words with the most sincere attitude, no laughing, no joking, no joke to confess your love, because girls love to be romantic. romantic. If she makes a romantic conversation with you, she is also very romantic.

However, if she doesn’t say anything, show her sincerity by acting like not being afraid to help, worrying about her anytime, anywhere regardless of whether she needs it or not. Still do it. Besides, it is also necessary to improve herself because the reward girl loves someone who makes her proud like helping everyone around, studying well, working well, … … these guys should try. And this is called the “long drizzling rain” tactic. One day she also understands the sincerity that falls into your heart only.

Above are the ways to flirt or fall immediately if you just do exactly the same as I share. These girls’ tips have been used successfully by a lot of young people so why not try it once to see if it is right or not right away. Besides the good girls, we often share flirtatious stories to help you get points right from the first talk.

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