05 Recipes help you learn quickly – effectively – remember for a long time

You are a student, perhaps it is very normal to study at home for 1-2 hours a day. Not only that, before each exam, the amount of preparation time can be increased even more. However, forcing your brain to work continuously can cause you to become stressed, tired and affect your learning performance.

Is there any secret to shorten study time, but help you memorize knowledge longer and more effectively?

YES THERE – Here are 6 very simple methods to help you learn quickly and remember. However, keep in mind that there is no one qualified “answer” that satisfies every “problem”. Therefore, you need to know how to apply each method to suit yourself.

1: Split the content into small chunks before studying

Before a pile of sprawling assignments, if you study in an inconsistent way, it will definitely not work. Therefore, to avoid the mentality of “overwhelmed” with a large amount of knowledge, before studying, you should take some time to separate the content into small parts, and at the same time arranged scientifically to absorb the lesson. notebook faster.

For example, with literature, if you have to memorize the lesson of Can Giuoc’s Doctors in just 1 hour, it will be very difficult. If you break it up into 2 or 3 parts, and take the appropriate time to learn each part, then it definitely feels simpler than cramming in a short amount of time.

Also, remember, never learn too many different subjects in one home study session. If you try to learn a lot of subjects as quickly as possible in a short amount of time, you will definitely feel confused and not really remember or understand the lesson the next day.

If you feel distracted or stuck while studying, don’t be too “over”. Simply put, give yourself 5 – 10 minutes of relaxation such as a snack or a walk somewhere. But need to comply, do not rest longer, do not delay, if you are too engrossed in pastimes, your interest in studying will definitely fly away.

2: Study according to mind map

Some subjects have fairly lengthy content, so it will make you bored quickly. But if you pay attention to subjects such as history, geography or philosophy, though many words do not require you to remember the exact content in every detail. Therefore, the key to quickly memorizing these lessons is learning their meanings.

Specifically, we need to summarize the lesson content with bullet points, then memorize them and interpret the content circuit according to our own understanding.

With English or math-recording subjects such as math – physics – chemistry, you can summarize grammar formulas or calculate in sequence of mind maps. This way both helps to remember quickly and conveniently to look up the necessary times when doing the homework.

3: Choose the best time to study

There really won’t be a specific time of day that will help you memorize the fastest lesson. Each person will have his or her own time. Some people like to study early in the morning, but others like to study after dinner until late at night.

This article we will not recommend you to study in a certain time slot required. Instead, find yourself the time you find ideal for studying.

If the morning keeps you awake and has lots of energy to study, then wake up to study. If, at night, when you feel you can learn your best, go ahead. However, do not try to stay up too late, because sleeping late will affect your health.

4: Make a connection between the lesson with your feelings

Knowledge is quite dry, so rote learning will definitely not be effective. You are just like a copier, printing out many versions, but in your mind there are no real emotional associations and connections.

“Making a connection between lessons and feelings” of this proposition may sound complicated, but it is actually extremely simple to understand. Do we often remember something for a long time if we have strong impressions or strong emotions with it.

Have you ever wondered, why can you remember every detail in a favorite movie that lasts for an hour, yet a two-page history article cannot absorb.

Is it because every time we watch a movie, we always make the most of our senses to feel and imagine each scene. Above all, the thrilling circumstances in the movie often leave viewers with many different emotions, sadness, happiness, and anger also.

Going back to history, imagine winning the army on the Bach Dang river like a historical movie. Play as a character you love and tell the story in that movie. Surely this will be a very interesting secret to help you memorize faster and longer.

5: Cross check

With any subject or any kind of knowledge, to remember for a long time definitely need practice every day. This method is extremely effective if you review in groups of 3-4 friends each. Each person then refines their knowledge, splits into pairs and swaps test roles: one reader – one tests, one exercises – the other corrects.

Checking other people’s lessons makes it easier to spot mistakes, which is also a way to learn from yourself to avoid making mistakes.

When you are in the role of instructor, your instructions and interpretations help the other person remember it and it is also a way for you to practice and memorize your lessons.

To learn quickly and forgetful lessons, you need to follow the following 5 principles:

⊗ Firstly, completely eliminate distractions around such as phone messages, TV sounds, traffic noise, close the door and choose a quiet space to study.

⊗ Second, do not force yourself to try to focus constantly, surely you can not do it. So every 30-60 minutes of study, take a break from 5 to 10 minutes to let your brain relax again by going to the balcony for a walk or drinking a glass of cool water.

⊗ Thirdly, after completing one subject and then moving on to another subject, avoiding studying many subjects at the same time will make your knowledge chaotic like “a man’s beard and a woman’s chin”.

⊗ Fourth, some people feel more focused if listening to music while studying ==> then this is a useful suggestion for you if you are in need of a suitable playlist when studying.

⊗ Finally remember to get enough sleep 7-8 hours per night so that the sleepiness will not interfere with your concentration and memory. If you’re still sleepy despite getting enough sleep last night, you can make a cup of coffee, or try to experience Modafinil -Drugs increase brain activity.

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